Top 5 Browser MMORPGs

Let’s go right to it, here is the Top 5 Browser MMORPGs List.

Drakensang Online – this game has it all: high-quality 3D graphics, epic battles, tons of quests, 100 talents, crafting, skills, pets, PvP, and a whopping nine million registered players worldwide. If you have ever wondered if there is any browser MMORPG game better than Runescape then you should check out Drakensang Online.

Crystal Saga – a new browser MMORPG with spectacular graphics, pets, dungeons, epic guild battles, faction wars, and extensive character customization options. It even open-world PvP, just like RS!

Adventure Quest Worlds – a free to play fantasy browser MMO with millions of players, an active community, classic RPG PvE, pets, quests, regular events, and a very fun story. This is more of a casual game for social players.

Pirate Storm – players can become the captain of a pirate ship in this top browser MMORPG. Fight deadly sea monsters (PvE) and dangerous pirates (PvP) in Pirate Storm. Features include more than one hundred quests, customizable equipment for both your ship and character and full social/multiplayer features like friends lists, groups and guilds, etc.

Pockie Ninja – a new no download MMORPG with a fun ninja theme inspired by the Naruto and Bleach anime shows. This is more of a casual game compared to the other listed here. It’s great for people who want to play an amusing social game. In Pockie Ninja players can create a ninja, explore the huge game world, join a clan, and participate in over-the-top battles with cool animated moves with special effects.

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