Sandbox MMORPGs With Crafting and Free Trade

Games Similar to Runescape With Crafting and Free Trade, including MMORPGs with a merchant class.

Uncharted Waters Online – a different kind of 3D fantasy MMORPG that gives equal weight to exploration, combat and trade.

Like Runescape, Uncharted Waters Online has a player-controlled economic system in which prices of goods fluctuate depending on the supply and demand from the thousands of silk roads and spice routes. This results in incredibly rich, deep and intelligent gameplay.

Just like in Runescape, one of UWO’s main attractions is its crafting system. Players may choose one or all of its over 75 professions and more than 100 skills. Player housing and farming is also available. It’s not all about goods and riches, though. Uncharted Waters Online also features exciting sea (PvP) and land (PvE) battles.

Link: Uncharted Waters Online

Istaria – the game you have probably never heard of but it does have something that most other free MMORPGs do not: a full-fledged and highly detailed crafting system very similar to RS which has a lot of skills such as weaving, metalworking, woodworking, carpentry, cooking, fletching, spinning, tanning, lumbering, etc. If you are looking for a game with lots of crafting then look no further, Istaria is your game.

The game offers players 11 fantasy races and it has a classless system in which players can switch skills and schools as much as they like with no penalty. Player-owned businesses are encouraged (buying, selling, crafting) in a free economy. The gameplay emphasizes cooperative combat rather than PvP.

Link: Istaria

Money Matters and Economics in Free MMORPG Games

Despite taking inspiration in folklore and fantasy worlds, one important element of MMOGs is grounded on reality. Money makes the world go round as it seems which holds true even for virtual worlds. You can’t just hack and slash all day. You need to be budget conscious as well.

Basic Needs

Much like in the real world, virtual characters have needs. Obviously, they don’t need food and water to live but they do need items, equipment, weapons and armor. The need and want for these goods is what drives economies in free MMORPG games. Prices are dictated by supply and demand. Crafters who make items are the producers while other players are the consumers. As such, the in-game economy works more closely like real-world economics does.

Money Matters

Players will need currency to purchase much-needed equipment but unlike in the real world, there’s no need to have a day job. Quests can be completed for monetary reward. Farming is an in-game activity where players gather loot from slain monsters and sell them to other players or NPCs. There are even players who offer their service to others for a fee. This includes escorting them on quests and providing help on a number of matters. This part of online games is as important as leveling up and going head to head with other players.

Some MMOs even have a system of currency exchange among races. The value of a single currency is based on how much it’s being traded and is measured against the value of gold. In case you don’t know, that’s one factor that determines how the world economy works.

No Child’s Play

Most people dismiss free MMORPG games as a waste of time. With such mechanics though, it’s clearly no child’s play. People can learn many lessons from playing online games that are not only applicable but beneficial to real life as well.

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