Runescape-Style Quests and Role-Playing – Best MMORPGs List

One of the things that really sets Runescape apart is its amazing story-driven quests. Many f2p titles just have simple “kill ten rats” type of quests while RS features quests that offer tons of background about Geilinor (the world of Runescape) that are revealed through hints, puzzles, mysterious adventures and player exploration.

So what other free-to-play MMORPGs can offer the same? Here are some good examples. Please note that not all of them are browser-based.

Browser MMORPGs with the Best Quests and RPG Stories – All Free to Play

aq worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds – a 2d, casual browser MMO that is often described as a “lunch-break game” (in other words, something you can casually play during your lunch break), AQ Worlds has excellent humorous quests that are really fun to discover. The Dragonfable game is set in the same universe but the story is a prequel of AQ.

mech quest

Mech Quest – by the same people who created AQ Worlds, Mech Quest has great quests set in a science fiction universe full of mechas (giant robots). The developers have really taken pains to make the game’s story very interesting. Server-wide events, cool battles, amazing art, stylish animation and horrible puns make Mech Quest a must-try game for MMO players.

Echo Bazaar – be warned, this one is a text type of game. 🙂 However, the stories and quests of Echo Bazaar are really fascinating. It;s a dark, gothic, pseudo-Victorian RPG multiplayer adventure into the heart of Fallen London. It’s free so check it out.

F2P MMORPGs (Download and Install Required)

Lord of the Rings Online – based on the classic fantasy series Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, LOTRO. The epic storyline of the MMO follows the “fellowship” (the main characters in the novels and movies) while the player helps them out behind the scenes. The quests and stories make even mundane tasks like delivering an item mean something special. LOTRO is a big-budget MMORPG with smooth, polished gameplay and incredibly realistic 3D graphics.

Star Trek Online – great story, exciting quests/missions make this game a winner if you are looking for a free-to-play MMORPG with good quests. Several epic storylines are featured such as The Klingon War, The Borg Collective, The Undine Advance, The Romulan Mystery, etc. The 3D graphics are topnotch and the gameplay is quite fun. The mature and friendly player community also makes STO one of the top titles of 2012.

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