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As we have mentioned before, all of our staff are current and past Runescape players. Apart from talking about games like Runescape, we also like to talk about RS itself. Here are some essays or articles about RS.

Runescape: The number one MMORPG in the world – a short essay that explains what RS is for those who are not too familiar with the game

What makes RS so good anyway? – an opinion piece about why people love RS

runescape classic pking
A very old picture of Runescape Classic pking (player killing) in the wilderness

Runescape Classic History – all about RS1, the earliest version of the game

Runescape Rare Items Guide – why are party hats worth so much? how many discontinued holiday items are there? and other questions are answered by this handy guide to the rarest, most expensive items in RS

Double Dipping, or why the daily wheel of fortune annoys me – another opinion column about membership and the new pay content

What does free-to-play mean?

*the articles are being edited and will be posted very soon

Disclaimer: the opinions and statements made here are by the writers of this website which is a fan site that is not connected in any official way with Runescape of Jagex. Read our disclaimer for more information.

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