Browser-Based MMO Games with Open-World PvP

Although Runescape is a browser MMO that most people would consider to be a casual game, the reality is that RS has many features that appeal to hardcore players. One of these is the open-world PvP.

Open-world PvP is player vs player combat that is not instanced. In other words, it’s not in an instanced arena or separate minigame area, it’s right in the middle of the virtual world, seamlessly integrated into the other content.

Regardless of whether the PvP mode is instanced, if you enjoy pking in RS then check out these MMORPGs that have great player vs player content.

Games Runescape with Open-World PvP

Browser MMORPGs (No Download Needed)

Crystal Saga – unlike most other browser-based MMORPGs, Crystal Saga has very robust open-world PvP. Basically, if you want RS-type player killing then Crystal Saga is your only real choice. The graphics are bright, colorful and anime-style. It’s not all killing all the time though; Crystal Saga also has quests, classes, guilds, pets, mounts and a lively online community of players. It’s a good all-around MMO.

Client-Based Games (Install Needed)

Age of Conan – this MMORPG is the hardcore PvPer’s paradise. Players can attack other players anywhere in the game world. The realistic 3D graphics of AoC are frankly amazing because this is a big-budget MMO that appeals to players who are want a free-to-play MMO that nonetheless looks and plays like a p2p game.

forsaken worldForsaken World – at level 30 players can access the PvP servers. The only safe zones are towns (outposts) although players who don’t want to fight can simply stay out of the PvP servers. Forsaken World is a fantasy MMORPG with beautiful 3D graphics that are rather dark and gothic in style. It does have a nice job system similar to Runescape where players can choose one of the many crafting professions in the game which lets players create valuable items such as potions, weapons and armor.

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